4 Reasons To Sell Your House This Fall

Hi, everybody! I'm Judy Mitchell with William Pitt Sotheby's Realty and there are four (4) great reasons that I wanted to share with you on why fall is the best time to sell.

Reason one (1), buyer demand is still strong. In fact, selling in the fall is a fantastic time to sell. People sort of have that feeling of changes in the air and so there are tons of buyers out in the marketplace. We've been super busy so if you think the buyers are not there, you're wrong. Interest rates are incredibly low and there are so many buyers in the marketplace. 

Number two (2), there's very little competition in the marketplace. So, that means we don't have as many houses on the market right now as we do say in the springtime. When your house is on the market, you're competing with very few other sellers at this time. You may see a lot of signs around town but that doesn't mean that every single one of those houses is actually available. Some could be contingent, some could have deposits, and some may not even be on the market and that sign is just hanging around out front. So, don't judge on that. Call a real estate agent and find out what your exact competition is for your type of house. 

Number three (3), there will never be a better time to move up. And why is that? It's because the interest rate is so incredibly low. This is historically one of the lowest interest rates we've had in forever. So when you think about trading up to a larger house, if you have the lowest interest rate, you'll be able to afford more house. So the timing could not be better.

Reason number four (4),  it's time to move on. Just think about the reasons why you've been thinking about maybe selling the house. Soul-search it. Determine if now is really the best time for you. And if it is, you deserve to move on! Is it a bigger house? A smaller house? Maybe it's to a warmer climate. Whatever your reason is, don't wait. Life is short. Move forward if that's what you truly desire. So if you're thinking about selling now in the fall or maybe right through the holidays, I would suggest to give a real estate agent, like myself a call, so that we can kind of talk you through what the opportunities and what the possibilities are. Our job is to give you a very good, clear, honest sense of what the value of your home is and what realistically we think we can get for it on the market at this time of the year.

So give us a call. I am reachable at 203-293-0039. And no matter where you live in Fairfield, outside of Fairfield, we're here to help. So, no problem, just give me a call. Thanks!

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