5 Things To Know Before You Start Looking for A New House

Hi, everybody! Are your kids out of the house yet? Are they almost out of the house? Are you thinking about your next move? I'm going to help you and give you five (5) tips for how to research that next move. Stay tuned!

Get Pre-approved. You probably already own a home but it's really important to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Maybe you're ready to make smaller payments or maybe you won't even have to make any payments. It's important to talk to somebody to figure out what kind of equity you have in your house and what kind of payments you'll be making in the future. Money is cheap. Maybe you want to take another mortgage when the time comes. That's an important thing to think about. 

Know Your Must-Haves. The second important thing to consider is what are your must-haves in your next house. Do you want a two-car garage? Does your spouse want a two-car garage? You know, sometimes you're in different pages. It's important that everybody's on the same page that you make a list of what are your must-haves in your next house and try to stick to that list. 

Research and Choose a Neighborhood. Do you want to stay here in Fairfield? Have you ever considered maybe moving to Black Rock? Or maybe you're thinking about completely leaving Connecticut and going to Florida. Do you know that I can help you with that? I have a huge network of realtors that I work with on a daily basis. And if you're looking to move out of state, I can also help you with that. 

Pick a Style of House and Stick with It. Start to think about your future plans when you need room for your children to come visit or maybe your grandchildren would come visit someday! Maybe you're thinking about your last house and where you will age in place. Maybe a ranch is for you. Right now we have a great ranch on the market in University neighborhood for only $425,000. Is that house for you? Maybe! 

Take Notes when you go look at houses. You're going to look at a couple of houses and by the end of the day all the features start to blur. Which house had that great farmhouse sink in the kitchen? Which one had a really great master bedroom? If you take really good notes you'll remember that and I would love to help you with that.

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