The Art is in the Glass

There is an important connection between art and home. I have a special place in my heart for American craft art. I am so happy to share with you this incredible profile on a notable glass artist.

When collecting art in your home, think about it as a wonderful way to express who you are. Art in your home can inspire you daily. Every time you see a special piece of art it can strike an emotion, a thought, a feeling or motivate you to think about something in a new way.

Art does not need to be expensive but it does need to inspire you.

I hope you are inspired by this video. Would love some comments about what kind of art you love and what inspires you.

If you have never visited the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in New York City, it's truly a special place that will inspire.  Learn more about it here at Every time I visit, I return home excited to curate my surroundings in a way the inspires me.

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