Why does symmetry matter?

If you know me, I tend to be more of a creative mind vs. the a linear thinker. They call that the "Artist Personality" in business. I can't draw or paint or sculpt. But...I know how to build great marketing pieces and present a property to the market that will captivate buyers. The ideas are always flowing and I am inspired by the homes I have the privilege of selling.

I have found that our photos with perfect symmetry often capture more online views than photos taken on an angle. This is interesting to most photographers as architectural photographers often use angles to show how one room may lead to the next room. Traditionally this technique helps give the buyer a sense of how the house works and the layout. There is no doubt this is important. However, we never overlook how we might incorporate symmetry into our photos. A straight-on kitchen shot, a full exterior shot standing dead center in front of the house, the backyard from the last possible center location looking back at the house. These photos seem to speak to our buyer.

We are thoughtful about vertical and horizontal symmetry. Looking carefully at the shot composition takes extra time but it may mean a potential buyer might linger on that photo while viewing it online, and may even have the opportunity to imagine what it might be like if they lived there. We've even used radial symmetry on architectural details. What's that? It's a circular pattern that may repeat or may give you a perfect view or reflection.

Now just how fancy does your house have to be to use all these techniques? The answer, not fancy at all. Every house, no matter the price point, has a moment of perfection or very special interest. It's our job to uncover those details and use them to successfully sell your home via perfect professional photography.  Here are some photos that have helped us achieve quick sales this year in homes from $400,000 - $2,000,000.

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