Not every home is perfect!

It's our job to make each home as saleable as possible and to highlight the features and benefits of each home in order to get the highest possible sale price for our sellers.  One of our tools is to use "virtual staging."  See why and how we use this tool in the houses below.

1059 Merritt St. was the home of an interior designer. The house was gorgeous! There was one flaw, however. One of the bedrooms was much smaller than the rest. This family used it as an office. So we staged out the office and disguised the view from the windows of a house with peeling paint next door. This enabled buyers to focus on just the room. This helped us achieve a full price offer within 5 days.

The seller of 18 Woodhead Drive in Milford was very self-conscious of her living room furniture. She felt it was very '90's and was concerned that it did not showcase the home in the best light. She could not afford to have the furniture moved out to bring in staging. The house was listed for a price point that did not need staging. So we redesigned the room digitally for her. The buyers responded and we had multiple offers within 2 weeks.

312 Shrub Oak Lane had been for sale by another agent in town with no results. When we accepted the listing, we needed to find a way to appeal to the emotions of the buyers.  One of the ways we achieved that was to help them imagine the possibilities of this office. A wall of oak built-ins made the house feel dated and contributed to an overall feel of tiredness. So we helped them imagine the possibilities by virtually painting the built-ins. We believed this help us achieve a record price in this neighborhood.

39 Windsor Place went on the market during the pandemic - right at the outset. This was a challenge itself! So we went to work trying to appeal to every possible buyer who may be looking. While it was just March, 2020 and the grass was not so green, we needed to show buyers what the house would look like in May. So we digitally landscaped with lush green grass - true to the quality of the existing grass just a few months early. We sold this house and closed within 45 days.

88 Maple Tree, a luxury townhouse in Stamford , was owned by a family who was in the process of relocating. When the husband was left at home to get the house ready for sale, we realized he did not quite have the eye for staging or even bedmaking! So we decided to virtually stage the house to realize what it could look like improved decor. It worked! Ironically it was purchased by a bachelor who had great taste!

205 Main Street in New Canaan was a townhouse left in an estate to the original owner's niece.  It was filled with much older furnishings, shag carpet (not the good kind), heavy drapes, and old worn furniture. We worked very closely with the family to determine how best to showcase the wonderful architectural detail of this home. This is where the value was in this home! After many weeks of work but very little expense, the house was a clean slate and ready to virtually stage. No problem with an aggressive sale price here! We were under contract within 3 weeks.

90 Cambridge Street was a fantastic home near the beach in Fairfield that had been vacated by the sellers. They had tried to sell the home themselves for a period of months. When we were called in to help, we needed to take swift action to freshen the buyers' view of this house. We priced it right, and went to work to virtually staging the home. No problem selling in just 40 days.

We loved 37 Windsor Place. The house was terrific. The home was prepared by the seller to perfection! We could not have asked for more. However, the sellers did not have enough time to get the driveway in the condition they wanted to show it in. There was some "work debris" on the driveway and with no time to powerwash before the photos, we said NO PROBLEM! We got you! We virtually staged the driveway to look the way it should once it was power washed. And sure enough, it worked! Multiple offers once again in the first weekend on the market.

Thought and care go into every listing we accept.  When you work with us, we can explain how to best showcase your home to open market to achieve your goal of selling at the maximum price.

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